Slowing Down

I’m still in Salt Lake City, where I’m practicing the fine art of slowing down. After the speedy drive that got me here I am (re)learning how to sit and relax with friends and family. I have done a couple small projects but for the most part I have been a total slug, and it is wonderful.

The natural beauty of Salt Lake City is breathtaking. We sit in a bowl surrounded by gorgeous mountains. The skies have been mostly clear with a few cotton-like clouds, which at sunset are marvelous. The weather here has been beyond warm in the mid to late days and well into the nights. But I find that the mornings are quite nice. This morning I got up early and sat on the deck watching the first light arrive to the sweet chirping of the local birds. And at the moment I am playing fetch with Bailey, who loves to have stuffed animals thrown about so that he can grab them and return them to me only to have them thrown again. (It’s more fun than it sounds.)

It’s a slow life at the moment and I encourage all of you who are reading this to remember to take a day every now and then (or perhaps, even once a week) to slow down and relax yourselves.

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