Already a Day Late

Whelp, I’ve truly been sucked into the lazy days of a vacation! Days upon days of lazing around, doing nothing but hanging out with a great family in a beautiful place – it’s been AWESOME!!! It’s been so awesome that I lost track of my days and missed a scheduled entry day (despite SD reminding me a couple of times). But it’s all good ’cause I know ya’ll who are reading this are a forgiving bunch of folks and know me well enough to know that I mean well.

I don’t have much to report on this posting… it’s been a wonderful few days of good eats, fun conversations, running errands, watching tv/movies, and just plain hanging about. Today included laundry and repacking the boxes/bags. After dinner I’ll repack the car (sorry AK – had to be unpacked for servicing) then lean back and enjoy the last few moments of “vacation.”

My favorite quote of the day: “I will do anything for my country, except give up my make-up.” – said by a person interviewed on TV about the TSA liquid restrictions. It’s all about priorities, right?

For any who haven’t ever visited Salt Lake City, I highly recommend it! It is a beautiful place and I continue to be awed by the sunsets. (Though the local television news might be something to avoid).

Tomorrow morning I head to CO where I’ll spend 2 nights, visiting with friends (in 2 locations) before heading on to Tulsa. One of these days I’ll post a map of my route for ya’ll to enjoy… just don’t want to do it too soon – it’ll wreck the surprise.

Pointing Eastward, Looking Westward

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