Another Day, Another State (or 2)

Today after repacking the car (AK – I have WAY more gratitude for you now!) and saying a final farewell to my host and dear friend, SD I began the long drive from Utah to Colorado by way of Wyoming. Through the mountain peaks and across the plains drove I. The landscape was breath-taking, and I was yet again reminded of the beautiful land through which I am traveling. Hours upon hours of driving with spacious farms on either side of highway I-80 which seems to cut right through the land. I am both saddened for this scar which gouges the land and grateful that it is there for my and others’ travels. This trip would be almost impossible without a road such as I-80. At least, this trip in the time schedule I have set for it would not be possible. But perhaps that is a good argument for slowing life down.

While on the road I made a new friend today. Well, I don’t know if we can truly call one another friend, but we definitely “bonded.” S/he is a fellow traveler, hailing from CT though s/h just spent 4 months in San Jose, CA. We were parked across from one another at a rest stop along I-80 and s/he struck up a friendly conversation. We talked about where we were coming from and where we were going. For the next several hours we played a form of car-leap-frog as one us passed the other and vice versa. It was quite enjoyable and I suspect there were other vehicles along the way wishing to join in.

I’m now in CO and will be here for another night. I landed at my friend ARF’s place today and we went out for a delightful meal and caught up on one another’s lives. Tomorrow I’ll drive the short distance to a nearby city and visit with more friends before hitting the road at the crack of dawn on Sunday to get to Tulsa in time for dinner with friends.

Until the next time…be well!

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