857 miles

I have safely arrived in NC, a mere 857 miles drive from St. Louis. I tried to do it all in 1 day, which technically I did IF you count 1 day as 24 hours and not as a single box in a calendar. I left St. Louis at 07.45 Tuesday morning and arrived in North Carolina at 04.30 Wednesday morning.

Fear not, I didn’t drive that entire time. I had a lovely stop for lunch and coffee in Lexington, KY where I met up with a friend. And then I hit major traffic just north of the WV border thus delaying my trip a solid 2 hours. I’d like to point out that my car is a standard transmission and has NO air conditioning, so it was a LONG 2 hours of sitting and inching something like 2.5 miles in 2 hours.

A few hours further down the road I thought I had hit a slice of paradise. There on the side of the road was a beautiful sign for Dunkin Donuts. I couldn’t believe my eyes but nonetheless turned off at the next exit and followed the signs to… NOT a D&D. The building had the correct architecture and coloring but it was NOT a D&D, rather instead some local donut shop. I was so saddened that I couldn’t bring myself to extricate myself from the car, though more caffeine might have been a good idea.

Once I was through my disappointment’s and back on the road, things were cranking along nicely until about 2 hours north of my destination, when out of nowhere we were hit with torrential downpours. It was about 22.00 and I decided to pull off at the next rest stop and try to wait the rain out. I didn’t last long in the car before falling asleep and slept on and off at 20 minute intervals for the next few hours. I was so tired and nauseous (too much caffeine, salt, and sugar did me in) that I decided to wait until daybreak to continue. Unfortunately my car was too stuffy and after sitting in it and then trying to sit outside in the rain I gave up and continued my drive, pulling into my hosts’ yard at 04.30.

That’s the technical info – now we’re heading out for dinner, so I’ll post some interesting insights on the trip either later tonight or tomorrow.

~ a resting traveler.

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