The Best Hidden UU Church

I woke up this morning and left the house excited to go to church. Sadly, I couldn’t find the church. I had printouts of directions from both Google Maps and the church’s website. The 2 sets of directions matched one another, so I shouldn’t have had any difficulty. But even with these 2 sets of directions I couldn’t find the church. I found the road the church is on but not the church. After driving up and down the street for a little while I called the church, but sadly no one answered the phone. I returned to driving in search…

After a good 20 minutes of driving around I gave up and went in search of the highway to return to my friends’ house. Ironically, as I was driving down one of the state roads I saw a sign announcing that the next 2 miles of the road was sponsored by the very church I was looking for. Quite frustrating!

Now, I’m not an expert but it seems to me that if we want to grow Unitarian Universalism (which I very much would like to do!) than our congregations need to make sure of a couple of things. First, large signage announcing where our church buildings are. Secondly, a human being to answer the phones on the days when we have services. I know at times these can seem large and daunting but nonetheless important.

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