Back to the Road

Whelp, I’ve enjoyed just about a week in NC. I have made a “home base” with my friends E, M, O, and C (and their other house guest D). We have had great times together just catching up, trading stories, running errands, and taking care of O, C, and D. Friday evening E and I went to Shabbat services, where E served as the Cantor and was GREAT! While religion has not played a significant role in the friendship that E and I share it has played a significant role in both of our lives. This is the first time in our 20-something year long friendship we have ever attended a service together and it was very touching to me to be able to look up to the front of the temple and see her there. Perhaps as touching was that about halfway through the service, E’s mother snuck back to my row and we were able to get a bit teary-eyed looking up towards the front.

While E & M worked during the days I sometimes went to visit with another set of friends, J, R, A, S, O. One of the days involved hanging out at a local playground/water park-type thing where the kids ran around under the sprinklers and J and I had some time to catch up. The next time we got together R made an exquisite dinner and then we hung out catching up some more. R is rebuilding their home and it looks incredible! The fixtures they’ve picked out and the environmental heating/AC system are mind-blowing. It’s a way cool house.

So I’ve enjoyed my time with my friends here in NC and tomorrow morning will head up to MD for a few days with another set of friends. Will update again once I’m back online.

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