Made it to Maryland

Yesterday I drove from NC to MD. Despite the rain in NC I made good time to MD. I didn’t even think I was speeding, although the state trooper who stopped me at the NC/VA border thought otherwise. Despite many cars around me weaving in and out of traffic to pass the big rigs, I (with my out of state plates) was the one car pulled over for going 80mph in a 70mph zone. And get this – the fine for speeding 10mph over the speed limit… $15. BUT the “court fees” (whether I go to court or not) is $110. I honestly can’t figure out what could cost $110 in court fees, but there you have it. And of course, they don’t accept credit cards or personal checks – only money orders and bank checks. GRRRR.

I shall not let the speeding ticket wreck my most excellent trip. I shall enjoy my time here in MD as much as I have enjoyed my time in the other several states I’ve visited. This trip has been a good reminder to me that taking time to visit friends and family (when the time is available) is well worth it! Not only is the change of pace good for the soul, but the (re)connections are also feeding me in ways that alone time can’t (and this coming from an extreme introvert). I encourage all who are reading this to try a road trip sometime if life allows for it.


In response to Anne’s comment from the last post – fear not! There will be a spreadsheet posted within a week. I have (of course) been keeping track of driving times, mileage, gas prices, and the efficiency of my car/drive in a spreadsheet but didn’t want to tease readers with incomplete data. It’ll come… just be patient. As to the letter abbreviations – all I can say is this: LYB!

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