Life in Maryland

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my time here in MD. Since arriving I have done some minor shopping at IKEA in preparation for settling into my new home, some babysitting with the wondrous Baby Hallie, good meals with P & G, and several games of Scrabble. I have discovered that I do much better when playing 1:1 with P on the palm pilot than when P, G, and I all play on the “Deluxe Turntable Scrabble.” But nonetheless, I am beginning to enjoy the game.

Today us 4 humans went to Baltimore. I can hardly believe that in all my visits here this was the first time we went into the city, but it was. We walked a short bit of the Inner Harbor and then went to Faidley’s for Crab Cakes which were AMAZING! Afterwards we went to a couple more spots, including sitting on a hill that looked out over not only the harbor but also several beach volleyball courts and a trappeez school.

Upon return the the house I caught the end of the Sun v. Shock game – go CT Sun! After the game we went to the coffee house put on by the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia, One World Coffeehouse. The featured singer/songwriter was Sara Beck, who grew up in the congregation and comes back each year to play at the coffeehouse. Not only is that sweet, but Sara’s music is great – check out her website.

I’m here for 1 more day and then early Monday morning I head to Massachusetts on the last leg of this trip. Once there I may be offline for a while but will update as I can.

Until the next time…

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