My 2 minute Starr King School for the Ministry Commencement Speech

I am Barb Greve…
Master of Divinity!

They said it couldn’t be done. They said there was no chance for success. Few believed it would ever be accomplished. And even in the final moments, as the ink dried on the paper, some tried to stop it from happening.

For the powerful elite do not want people who look and live as I do to succeed. If they had their way, I would not be standing before you today. I would be lying in a shallow grave, another uncounted statistic of a hate crime. Or perhaps I would be living on the streets, selling my body because while some work to prevent my success, they are also quick to objectify and eroticize our transgender and genderqueer bodies.

I should not be standing here before you today. Not in this robe, with this hood, having earned this degree. Many said it couldn’t be done. They weren’t willing to believe in the possibility for success. But one mighty little school was willing to not only place its belief in me, but to also teach me how to place belief in myself and my communities. Our mighty little school named Starr King School for the Ministry was willing to use its resources to educate, empower, and bless each of us into our shared ministries.

So, where do we go from here? We are still living in a broken world where too many people are hurting and dying. We who sit robed here tonight have been educated to counter oppression. Now is our time to share that education with the world – to ensure that our words,
our actions,
our ministries
bless the world in the spirit of love.

While the powers that be may not want people like me to survive, the world says otherwise. The world continues to bless life with a plurality of possibilities. Our ministry, should we take up this mantle, is to provide a salve for the hurt in life; to be the voice of resistance seeking out other voices in the struggle, and always…. always my dear, dear friends, be holders of spaces where plurality and life have opportunities to flourish.

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  1. bless the world indeed brother barb

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