Our Fading Heritage

Also found on the American Civic Literacy website is a 33 question Civics quiz you can take. So of course I took it. Now, you would think that having grown up with a father who reenacts the Revolutionary War and is now a historian, I would know my USA Civics inside and out. I knew I hadn’t aced the quiz, but was surprised when I got a score of 73%. Take the Civics quiz and find out how well you know your USA Civics.

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  1. I did only a tiny bit better than you.

    I nailed the explicitly political, and bailed on the economic.

  2. Ha! One I got wrong: I said the source of the phrase “government of the people, by the people, for the people,” wasn’t the Gettysburg Address, because I knew Lincoln was citing something else. I wasn’t sure whether it was the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, so I guessed one. Wrong! It was Theodore Parker. Love it.

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