The Ideal DRE

The Ideal DRE
Compiled by Mr. Barb Greve from the collective wisdom of colleagues.

The ideal DRE is young at heart, connects with teens, wise beyond his years, and holds multiple degrees in child psychology, special education, theology and social media. She organizes excellent multigenerational worship services, leads engaging Children’s Chapels, preaches stimulating sermons and inspires the children to want to be at church every Sunday.

Adorned with a masking tape bracelet, supplies in pers pockets and rollerblades on pers feet, per wears pers best suit to finger paint with the preschool class. Ghe has eyes in the back of gher head, ears that hear only good things, and a constant smile. S/he knows where the coffee, trash bags and toilet paper are located, can shut off the building’s water, fix the office electronics, clean the classrooms and is available to answer any question at any time.

She makes $50 a week, has a model family life, drives a practical car, and tithes to the church … and Heifer Project International. On his day off he shops for classroom supplies, volunteers at a local shelter, reads up on church dynamics and educational theory and bakes delicious nutritional allergen-free snacks for the church school program.

Ze plans far in advance, never makes decisions rashly, is quick to respond to requests, keeps all options open and is flexible to change, all the while being in excellent communication with the congregation. Phe makes rational decisions, has excellent relationship skills, understands how decisions and actions may affect each member of the community, and keeps everyone happy. Ghe is an expert on family systems, learning theory, comparative religions, comprehensive sexuality education, early, middle, teen and adult development, special education, theology and technology.

The Ideal DRE is deeply introspective and energized by interacting with large groups of people. S/he calmly responds to last minute requests on Sunday morning while warmly greeting each congregant at the front door. He is excellent at managing the nitty-gritty details and keeps everyone focused on the big picture.

She communicates telepathically with all families, corresponds comfortably on email, Facebook, Twitter, websites and through the church newsletter, postcards and bulletin boards. Ze cheerfully attends every child’s extra-curricula activities, all committee meetings, is active in Associational work, regularly attends zers professional organization’s meetings and personally teaches every adult RE class, while modeling good boundaries and a balanced life.

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