What do you Hope for? What brings you Hope? How do you offer Hope to others? The theme for the month of April (as you may have guessed) is “Hope.” I believe at its best our Unitarian Universalist religion can be a source of hope for ourselves and the world.

Unitarian Universalism has been a life-saving entity in my life. As a transgender guy who lives in a world that reminds me on a regular basis that there is not yet room for me to be fully who I am (and be safe), it has been Unitarian Universalist communities and the universal love of our faith that has given me the sustenance to not only survive but to flourish. In my moments of self-doubt, it is Unitarian Universalism that offers me hope. I want to make sure that each one of us can lean on our faith in such moments.

One of the ways that we can learn to lean on our faith is by engaging in daily spiritual practices. This is in part why I started the Unitarian Universalist Photo a Day Lenten Practice. Using common monthly themes we selected a word for each day in Lent. You are invited to reflect on the meaning and gifts of that word and then to find a photograph each day that speaks to you about that word, idea, practice, or concept. You can share it with your family, on Facebook and/or on PracticingLent.Tumblr.com, where we will celebrate the shared inspiration we bring to one another.

I choose Lent as the season to do this because our theological roots are grounded in Christianity and Lent is a good time to refocus our spiritual lives. Each year during the Lenten season I find myself returning to whatever prayer practices I might have let fall by the wayside. In returning to my personal spiritual practices I find myself once again finding sources of hope in my daily life.

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