2016 Post Election Prayer

The world feels scarier to many,
yet for some of us it has always been a scary world.

For some of us, the very act of living is a radical act of resistance.
May we each find the strength to continue living.

For some of us, our bodies have been battlegrounds for far too long.
May we continue to be resilient in the face of hatred, bigotry, and violence.

In our moments of fear,
may we hold safe ourselves,
our loved ones,
and the ones we do not yet know,
remembering that all life is sacred.

Now is the time to come together,
to support one another
and offer each other deep, life-affirming Love.

The journey to justice seems longer now,
but it has always been just over the next hill.
May we remember that justice is not a destination
but a way of life.

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