Prayer for Transgender Day of Visibility

170331 TGoV prayer

photo by Ranwa Hammamy

Blessed are the trailblazers,
who brought us this far,
and are still trailblazing…
still celebrating.

Blessed are the drag queens and kings,
who remind us to not take life too seriously.

Blessed are the gender benders, non-binary, gender fluid, and third-gender folk, those who challenge us to reframe our gender paradigm.

Blessed are the young ones,
who present fearlessly from the start.

Blessed are their parents,
who make space for freedom,
and love their children fiercely.

Blessed are the siblings and relatives,
who educate, support, and love us as we are.

Blessed are the gender queer youth,
who are struggling and persist.

Blessed are the 90-year olds just coming out,
and those who have been out decades.

Blessed are those whose lives were cut too short,
may their stories live on through us.

Blessed are the survivors,
may they keep on living.

Blessed are the allies,
learning to be accomplices.

Blessed are those gathered here today,

May we all commit to continue showing up,
fighting for justice,
celebrating all the genders in life.


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