2020 Photo a Day #UULent

2020 UULent2020 UULent – click here for a pdf of the graphic shown above

#UULent has been created as a way for Unitarian Universalists to engage in a shared spiritual practice alongside siblings in faith who are observing Lent. In some Christian traditions, in preparation for the celebration of Easter, the faithful make a personal sacrifice as a way of bringing them closer to G*d, and reminding them of the sacrifices that Jesus and his followers made.

As Unitarian Universalists, we share theological roots with our Christian siblings. However, rather than a practice of self-denial, this is an opportunity to spend the Season of Lent engaged in a spiritual discipline of deep intention and appreciation of our world, our place in it, and an openness to Grace in our daily lives.

#UULent is designed to be used individually, as a family, or as a congregation. For each day in Lent a word has been selected. Each day participants are invited to reflect on the meaning of the day’s word, then create a photograph that represents the word, idea, practice, or concept and post it here and/or elsewhere.

Beginning on Ash Wednesday and for each day until Easter, the word for the day and a related quote will be posted on the #UULent FaceBook page. Reflect and engage throughout the day, checking for the word and quote in the morning, then return later in the day to add your photo* and to see the images and words others have shared throughout the day (*YOUR photo – please respect copyright!). Or if you prefer, use another social media platform to share your photos.

Versions of the graphic: pdf and jpg.

May this intentional practice and discipline impact your daily life in ways that bring you closer to your spiritual core and offer you resiliency for life.

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  1. […] For the past couple of years, I’ve participated in #UULent, a social media practice that helps me be a little more intentional and focused during this season. Several years ago, Mr. Barb Greve and Zr. Alex Kapitan collaborated to create the #UULent calendar and to promote the practice among Unitarian Universalists. (Read more about it here.) […]

  2. PDF link does not seem to be working?

    • It seems to be working for me and others – check to make sure that your browser is not stopping the link from opening.

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