2016 Post Election Prayer

The world feels scarier to many,
yet for some of us it has always been a scary world.

For some of us, the very act of living is a radical act of resistance.
May we each find the strength to continue living.

For some of us, our bodies have been battlegrounds for far too long.
May we continue to be resilient in the face of hatred, bigotry, and violence.

In our moments of fear,
may we hold safe ourselves,
our loved ones,
and the ones we do not yet know,
remembering that all life is sacred.

Now is the time to come together,
to support one another
and offer each other deep, life-affirming Love.

The journey to justice seems longer now,
but it has always been just over the next hill.
May we remember that justice is not a destination
but a way of life.

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Lego Chalice Options

Years ago my dear friend and colleague, Kevin Drewery, shared with me his instructions to build a Lego Chalice. I was never able to build his exact chalice but did adapt his design to build my own. Since then I’ve taken my chalice with me from congregation to congregation, using it as the chalice for Children’s Chapels. It’s always been a big hit and everywhere I’ve taken it folks have asked me to lead a chalice build.

This year, with the help of a congregant, Kevin Stadler-Stephenson, I did just that.This Kevin took the time to not only build samples, but also to create easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to build each chalice. He even went a step further and priced out each chalice so builders would know what they are getting themselves into.

I love that this project has been graced by the good works of two Kevins. Below are links to the various sizes and styles of chalices. Enjoy and feel free to share the joy!

small chalice




Small Chalice

medium chalice




Medium Chalice

new medium chalice





New Medium Chalice

large chalice





Large Chalice

updated large chalice - re sides





Updated Large Chalice

large UUCA chalice





Large UUCA Chalice

updated UUCA chalice





Updated Large UUCA Chalice






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Sometimes life is too beautiful!

March walkway

March walkway

I went to leave my folks’ house today and my mom pointed out the walkway. We paused for a moment to enjoy the wonderous beauty and for a moment were grateful to not be rushing past.

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So I was getting my hair buzzed today (yup, for those of you who haven’t seen me in a while I have been growing my hair out – high & tight – nothing too long).

Anyway, there I was sitting in the barber’s chair when I noticed the print on the jar. I’m just sayin’ … it made this guy think. Perhaps that’s why I’ve kept my head shaved for so long.

A friend once said that people attracted to me should be called “Barbsexual.” Does that mean that people who would kill me would be guilty of Barbicide? I’m just wondering…

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Our Fading Heritage

Also found on the American Civic Literacy website is a 33 question Civics quiz you can take. So of course I took it. Now, you would think that having grown up with a father who reenacts the Revolutionary War and is now a historian, I would know my USA Civics inside and out. I knew I hadn’t aced the quiz, but was surprised when I got a score of 73%. Take the Civics quiz and find out how well you know your USA Civics.

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then shall the good life be yours

If you do the task before you always adhering to strict reason with zeal and energy and yet with humanity, disregarding all lesser ends and keeping the divinity within you pure and upright, as though you were even now faced with its recall – if you hold steadily to this, staying for nothing and shrinking from nothing, only seeking in each passing action a conformity with nature and in each word and utterance a fearless truthfulness, then shall the good life be yours.  And from this course no man has the power to hold you back.

~ Marcus Aurelius (Meditations)

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Prize-winning smile

Gwen holding World Series Trophy

Trophy Prize-winning smile Six-year-old Gwen Lorimer, of Needham, holds on tight to the Boston Red Sox 2007 World Series trophy at Massachusetts General Hospital for Children yesterday, where the trophy was brought around the rooms for children to see. METRO (Foto: NATHAN FRIED-LIPSKI/METRO)

Gwen is my god-daughter’s sister and has been in and out of the hospital most of her life. This most recent stay seems like it has been forever and your prayers for her and her family are most welcome! The above picture was printed in today’s issue of the Metro: Boston paper. It’s great to see her smiling. Oh, and can I just mention how jealous I am that she got to touch the trophy???!

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The 51st State??????

Thanks to minstrare for introducing me to this quiz. I had no idea that Iraq was a state!

You’re Iraq!

Don’t believe their lies… you actually have no control over your own
destiny. You were taking lots of steps to improve yourself, but no one would believe you
and they beat you up as a result. Now that it’s revealed that you were acting in good
faith and your enemies weren’t, you’re even more angry than you were before. Who could’ve
seen this coming? At this point, people will tell you for ages that you can decide things
for yourself until you make the decision they want you to. Just remember, all that
matters is what people who beat you up think. You have the freedom to do what you want as
long as it’s what they want, too.

Take the State Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

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States in which I have preached and/or led workshops/conferences

create your own visited states map

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Rating system queerphobic???

Online Dating

I am saddened that the reason this blog has been rated “R” is because of the frequency of the following words:

  • queer (8x)
  • gay (5x)
  • lesbian (4x)
  • pain (2x)
  • steal (1x)

I suspect there is some queerphobia inherent in the rating system. Not sure how “pain” and “steal” factor in but I’m hoping there is a good logical answer. Though I doubt it.

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